Thursday, July 17, 2008

KREATOR: (1996) Scenarios Of Violence

A mishmash of assorted material taken from German uber-thrashers Kreator's middle period (some would say golden era), 1996's Scenarios of Violence makes for an entertaining, but historically confusing listening experience. Included here are regular album cuts ("Renewal," "Europe After the Rain"), brand-new cuts ("Suicide in Swamps," "Depressive Unrest"), remixed tracks ("Toxic Trace," "Terrible Certainty"), and live recordings of established classics ("Extreme Aggressions," "Tormentor"). All of which make for an interesting collection for longtime Kreator addicts, but a far-from-perfect introduction for brand-new fans. The latter are instead urged to seek out the also flawed, but much more cohesive Past Life Trauma (1985-1992) collection.
--- by Ed Rivadavia, Allmusic


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