Monday, July 28, 2008


We have yet another band playing in the bloated genre of keyboard based power metal. Like many of their peers they play relatively soft power metal with keyboards, soaring vocals and choirs. But what is it that sets them apart from the rest of the scene? Well for starters their vocalist has one hell of a great pair of lungs and better than many of the more well known acts such as Sonata Arctica or Primal Fear though not quite up to the level of Kamelot. Chinchilla has certainly recognized that they have a great vocalist but I get the sense that they have not recognized the potential of the other band members, for there is too much emphasis on the vocalist. This leads to the greatest strength being the ballads but faltering slightly on the other tracks. When the vocalist is singing the instruments are practically hiding in the background. Another problem is that the vocalist overuses the ballad style of singing, as in lengthening out the notes. He needs to change this for the speedier tracks such as Dark or Light which is painfully ruined towards the end as a result. He shows he can sing this way very well in Freedom which is the heaviest and most energetic song on the track.


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