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MOTÖRHEAD: (1984) No Remorse (DCD) - VBR

No Remorse is a 1984 compilation album by Motörhead covering their years under contract with Bronze Records, and with four newly recorded tracks. This is the last album they did for Bronze Records and the first to feature the new line-up of Lemmy, Phil Campbell, Würzel, and Pete Gill.
Lemmy recalls that their trouble with Bronze started after Eddie Clarke left. The company did not like Brian Robertson and did not have much faith in the new lineup and wanted to do a compilation of the band's old songs. Lemmy said that was an indication that they were "readying the death knell" of the band and insisted the band record new material for it. The new lineup recorded four new songs at Britania Row Studios, London: "Snaggletooth", "Steal Your Face", "Locomotive" and "Killed by Death". These songs concluded each side of the vinyl release. Lemmy took charge of selecting the tracks for the album and wrote a commentary about each song. In addition to the usual cardboard sleeve, the original LPs were also available in a leather effect sleeve which had silver lettering. There was also a cassette version released in a leather pouch with wording mimicking the Government Health Warning you might find on a cigarette packet, about the contents being potentially damaging to the health. The band promoted the album with their 'No Remorse - Death on the Road' tour, conducted between October 24 and November 7 1984. They also made a live appearance on October 26 on the ITV pop/rock music programme The Tube, playing "Killed by Death", "Steal Your Face" and "Overkill". However, the programme credits came up during "Steal Your Face", which faded out as the broadcast concluded: "Overkill" would eventually be broadcast some 20 years later, during a retrospective 'Best of the Tube' TV series. There was also a television advert for the album, which featured a brief medley of several songs before Lemmy's voice was heard to declare, "No Remorse... go out and get it!"Motörhead also released a song in 2002 called "No Remorse", which appeared on their Hammered album.


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