Sunday, October 2, 2011

DEATH ANGEL - Frolic Through The Park (1988)

by Eduardo Rivadavia
Death Angel's second effort, 1988's Frolic Through the Park, continued to improve on its technical thrash formula, as the band's developing musical ability began to do their ambitious songwriting some justice. "Why You Do This," "Devil's Metal," and "Confused" are prime examples of the band's intricate sound, which, unfortunately, tended to sacrifice concise hooks and melody for overblown song structures and arrangements. The only exception turns out to be the album's strongest cut, "Bored," which shows a rare sense of humor and musical restraint. Also of note is the excellent playing of guitarist Rob Cavestany, who holds everything together with his tasteful and skillful axe work.

1.3rd Floor
2.Road Mutants
3.Why You Do This
5.Devil's Metal
7.Guilty Of Innocence
8.Open Up
9.Shores Of Sin
10.Cold Gin
11.Mind Rape

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