Tuesday, October 18, 2011

VINTERSORG - Till Fjälls [2001]

Vintersorg, the Otyg frontman's side project, often lends comparison to the latter band. A good possibility for why that is could be Vintersong's powerful and moving vocals. Even though I do not understand the language he is singing in, what he's saying speaks to me because of the power of his voice. This particular cd goes back and forth from heavy to melodic but there is a certain beauty present in every song. The photos in the liner notes take you to a place from legend, and fits perfectly with the music presented within. This cd is a must-buy for those who are tired of boring radio alternametal, and are looking for something new.

2.För Kung Och Fosterland
4.Till Fjälls
6.Hednad I Ulvermanens Tecken
10.Fangad Utav Nordens Själ

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