Saturday, October 1, 2011

HEAVENS GATE - Livin' In Hysteria (1991)

A mini-album, "Open the Gate and Watch!" was released in April 1990 and Heavens Gate again went on tour throughout Germany, this time with Lawdy.
Japan were quick to appreciate the Wolfsburgers' fast, heavy and furious style. JVC/Victor released both products in August 1990 as a "two in one" CD. The reactions to this release was so euphoric (positions in the Top 20 in several magazine charts) that the two top Japanese metal magazines, Burrn! and Metal Gear send their journalists to Germany, in order to further the cause of this new German metal band in the land of the rising sun. Japanese radio was also hit by Heavens Gate fever - cult DJ Captain Wada devoted an entire hour to a Heavens Gate Special. February 1992 saw the band signing a new contract with Steamhammer / SPV, following the close-down of No Remorse Records. "Livin' in Hysteria" had been released six months before, after having been recorded at Horus Sound and produced by Charlie Bauerfeind. Some of the songs on this album, "Best Days Of My Life" and "We Got The Time" amongst others, were selected by two German TV stations for their educational, anti-drugs video, "Geführliche Sehnsucht" (Dangerous Desire) which was shown in schools all over the country.

1.Livin' In Hysteria
2.We Got The Time
3.The Neverending Fire
4.Empty Way to Nowhere
6.Can't Stop Rockin'
8.Best Days Of My Life
9.We Want It All
10.Gate Of Heaven

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