Tuesday, October 18, 2011

RAGE - Reflections Of A Shadow (Remastered-2003)

It's amazing to think of just how long Rage has been issuing great heavy metal albums. 1990's Reflections of a Shadow is the band's 5th album, and they've released about a dozen since then. Yet they have remained mostly unnoticed, even by metal standards. It's a shame, because an album like Reflections of a Shadow should please all but the most extreme metal fans. It's uncompromisingly heavy, and bridges the gap between power metal and thrash with the same skill as bands like Angel Dust and Jag Panzer. It's not overly melodic, but it's not an all-out shred fest either. This is straightforward heavy metal with somewhat high-pitched vocals, and is reminiscent of bands like Helstar, Crimson Glory, and early Vicious Rumors.
Reflections of a Shadow is another in a long line of quality Rage albums, and is a great jumping-on point for new listeners.
Noise Records' 2002 reissue of Reflections of a Shadow is very impressive. You get digitally remastered sound, expanded liner notes, and the entire 5-song 1991 EP Extended Power as bonus tracks. All told, there are plenty of reasons to replace your old copy of this Rage album.

1.Intro/A Bit More Green
2.That's Human Bondage
3.True Face in Everyone
4.Flowers That Fade in My Hand
5.Reflections Of a Shadow
6.Can't Get Out
7.Waiting for the Moon
9.Saddle the Wind
11.Nobody Knows
12.Wild Seed
16.What's Up (Instrumental)
17.Woman (Accoustic)

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Shows del Sol Karaoke said...

an awesome band. Give this album a try. It´s a classic and a 5 star thrash/metal hybrid masterpiece. Mostly if you come from metallica, megadeth, anthrax.

Hope this re-release fixes a sound issue the original one had in track 4 where volume raises unexpectly