Thursday, April 12, 2012

Krokus: (1976) Krokus

Switzerland's most successful hard rock band, Krokus enjoyed international popularity in the 1980s and onward for their aggressive, straightforward variety of European metal. Hailing from the Swiss city of Solothurn, Krokus was formed in 1974 by guitarist Tommy Kiefer and percussionist Chris Von Rohr. Initially performing an eclectic and artful brand of prog rock, Krokus released their first album in 1976, with the founders joined by guitarist Hansi Droz and bassist Remo Spadino. Krokus' second album, To You All, found them pursuing a tougher hard rock sound with a revamped lineup: Von Rohr moved from drums to vocals, Fernando Von Arb came on board as second guitarist, and the band had a new rhythm section, bassist Jurg Naegeli and drummer Freddy Steady (the new members were all previously with the group Montezuma). ~~ Mark Deming

2.Angela Part.1
5.No Way
6.Eventide Clockworks
7.Freak Dream
8.Jumpin' In
9.Insalata Mysta
10.Angela Part.2
11.Just Like Everyday


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