Monday, March 10, 2008

ARSIS: (2004) A Celebration Of Guilt @320kbps

I would have never in a million years expected a traditional melodic death revival to come from two guys from Virginia, but it has. While influnenced by bands such as At the Gates, they don't rip them off. Arsis is much faster and more aggresive than anything by At the Gates. The vocalist/bass/guitar player sounds a little bit like Tomas Lindberg and the drummer is one of the best and fastest I've ever heard. If Amazon had half star rating this would probably get a 4.5 since there are a few downsides. Obviously, two people aren't going to come up with as diverse of material as 4 or 5 and as a result the songs sound somewhat similar and the production leaves something to be desired. Other than that this is a killer album. Props to Arsis and Insomnium for staying true.

1. the face of my innocence
2. maddening disdain
3. seven whispers fell silent
4. return
5. worship depraved
6. carnal ways to recreate the heart
7. dust and guilt
8. elegant and perverse
9. the sadistic motives behind be
10. looking to nothing
11. wholly night

pw = heavymetalbreed

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Retreat To Death said...

Thanks pal for the album.

It's fucking brutal!!