Friday, March 21, 2008

NOCTURNAL BREED: (2007) Fields Of Rot

You know how I’m always complaining that there are a lot of bands that claim to be thrash metal, but actually aren’t? No? Well, I usually am. And if you read my reviews, you’re probably extremely annoyed by now. Finally, something good comes to the table: Nocturnal Breed. The name of the band and their country of origin, Norway, makes one think immediately of a black metal horde, corpse paint and all, ready to distill upon us some bestial satanic riffs with terrible production. Fear not, for such is not the case. Nocturnal Breed make some solid, solid thrash metal, with deep death metal roots. Highly pleasing stuff.
The first real album since 2000’s “Tools of the Trade”, Nocturnal Breed had almost completely faded into oblivion in the metal world. Therefore, it is quite a surprise to see them come back in 2007 and with such force. The riffs here are amazing, truly amazing. The vocals are a lot more death metal-oriented than the rest of the instrumental, which gives the band that extra edge. Listen to “Manskinner” and I dare you, I repeat, I dare you not to headbang. I also love the totally Motörhead/live concert feel of “Iron Bitch”. Awesome stuff.
Totally eighties-ish thrash metal is performed here, and I also love the production, which totally put the guitars way up front and the double bass isn’t overdone, just puts the right touch here and there. Unpretentious, unoriginal, Nocturnal Breed may just have come up with one of the most interesting thrash metal albums of the last few years. Fuck yes. The cover: A badass zombie army kicking serious ass. I love it. Cover of the year.
8.5 nocturnal emissions out of 10. -- Euthanatos, Global Domination

1. Wicked, Vicious & Violent / 2. Fields of Rot / 3. Too Damnned to Conquer / 4. Manskinner / 5. In Sickness and In Hell / 6. Invasion of the Body-Thrasers / 7. Iron Bitch / 8. Code Of Conduct / 9. The Dead / 10. Scything Harrow

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