Tuesday, March 11, 2008

FACEBREAKER: (2008) Dead Rotten and Hungry @VBR

If the heavy metal music industry were to give out Pulitzer-like awards for lyrical content then Facebreaker would surely win for best documentary with their latest tome on the dietary habits of the undead. Straightforward death metal delivers stories of zombies and flesh eaters that would make any horror movie screenwriter jealous with brain-eating rage. For just a sophomore release, Dead, Rotten and Hungry is a well balanced, well constructed death metal attack that shows plenty of old school influences and modern twists. Maddening riffs combine with pummeling drums and bass filling the ears of the undead with groove oriented death metal. There are plenty of nicely timed tempo changes throughout the disc that jump from rapid fire cranial blows to long, slow rending of flesh from the bone. Add to the bloody mix the guttural barks and growls for frontman Roberth Karlsson and a superb production and you’re left with an album that should bring this band to the forefront of the genre on the backs of freshly arisen corpses.
Dead, Rotten and Hungry is one of those albums that simply cannot be ignored. It’s a throwback to a time in death metal when bands wrote campy lyrics and just played without the urge to be more technical than the next guy. This disc has enough groove oriented death metal to make up for all the super technical crap that’s popped up in recent years. It’s straight forward, hammer-to-the-face method of attack is refreshing and much needed. I highly recommend digging this one up. --- Mouth Forwar Review

1. slowly rotting
2. dead rotten and hungry
3. night of the burning dead
4. the awakening
5. walking dead
6. burner
7. consumed
8. unanimated flesh
9. unlock the horror
10. soul eater
11. devoured by decay

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