Monday, March 10, 2008

CROWN OF THORNS: (1998) Lost Cathedral @192kbps

Lost Cathedral is the best melodic rock album we can get from 1998. My instant impression is that it is Survivor meets prog hard rock. Their songwriting is top of the world and it is strange that it didn't become huge hit in the United States. Listening to Live and Die and Motorcycle Loretta alone will convince you. Highly recommendable for 80's melodic rock fans.

1. Lost Cathedral
2. Live and Die
3. Motorcycle Loretta
4. Lyin'
5. Free Me
6. Greed of Love
7. Cold Blooded Bitch
8. End of the Road
9. Although We're Fools
10. Wasted Prime
11. Hell of a Night
12. If You Need Me

pw = heavymetalbreed

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