Friday, March 21, 2008

CAGE: (2007) Hell Destroyer

This CD is Produced, Engineered, Recorded, and Mixed by Richard "The Guru" Carr and Mastered by 2 time Grammy Award Winner Gavin Lurssen at Lurssen Mastering in Hollywood, CA. Cage's music is best described as new rock metal with influences of the likes of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and Queensryche. This CD is a must for metal fans. It's hard not to note the Judas Priest similarities but there is so much more here. JP never had this kind of double bass drumming and Peck's vocals are sheer power. Tight dueling guitar leads that were obviously learned from the Tipton/Downing school of shred, this album just asks for descriptives. Smokin, scorching, whiplashin', old school in all the best ways, pure metal for the freak who remembers when it was invented. Missing the days of intense power metal that had you banging your head so hard your eyes almost popped out? Here it is revisited.
The story is loosely based on the book of Revelation done in DC comic style. Goofy but well done. A great buy. --- By Brent E. Johnson "Power M. Fan"

1. Acension / 2. Hell Destroyer / 3. I Am the King / 4. The Circle of Light / 5. Christhammer / 6. Born in Blood / 7. Abomination / 8. Inauguration / 9. Rise of The Beast / 10. Cremation of Care / 11. Bohemian Grove / 12. Final Proclamation / 13. From Death to Legend / 14. Legions of Demons / 15. Betrayal / 16. Fall of the Angels / 17. Fire and Metal / 18. Beyond the Apocalypse / 19. The Lords of Chaos / 20. Metal Devil.

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