Monday, March 10, 2008

AVANTASIA: (2008) The Scarecrow @320kbps

Tobias Sammet is the Verdi of our age. He has the broadest brush of any composer today. I don't say composer lightly. He is more than a song writer. His arrangements, chord progressions, and lyricism are unmatched by anyone. The musical complexity and variety leave you spell bound, open mouthed and filled with awe. This crazy guy has two bands: EdGuy and Avantasia and there are rumors of a third.
Music pours out of him. At his live performance with EdGuy at BB Kings in New York last fall, you could hardly watch him. He was more electrified than the lead guitar, dancing on the speakers, racing from one side of the stage to the other, screaming out one hit after another. Did I say he does all the vocals in a male range rivaling Celine or Mariah. He could probably match note for note all the whining guitar rifts he writes. So how does this album stack up. His best to date. There isn't a bad cut on the entire album. The other reviewers have mentioned all the best songs, but I encourage a listen to all of them in the order he listed them and pay special attention to "The Toy Master" where Alice Cooper (yes that Alice Cooper) sings the lead vocals. This song should be released by Alice as a come back single. It so rocks and it is so Alice on steroids.
Sammet is a god in Europe and if the USA music world werent so fixated on rap crap instead of Rock, we would all be the better for it. But hey it doesnt matter so much anymore with the music labels so out of touch with their audience. You can get this great rock music anyway. Please pay for it and support Avantasia and Sammet.

1. twisted mind
2. the scarecrow
3. shelter from the rain
4. carry me over
5. what kind of love
6. another angel down
7. the toy master
8. devil in the belfry
9. cry just a little
10. i don't believe in your love
11. lost in space

pw = heavymetalbreed

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