Wednesday, March 12, 2008

ERA VULGARIS: (2007) What Stirs Within @VBR

Chris, one of the band members posts on the Megadeth forums, of which I am also a member. He posted about the album coming out and on a whim I bought it. Ever since then its been in my regular rotation, its a great album. The sound reminds me alot of Death, in fact so much so that I had it in my CD changer and a Death album came on an I diden't even notice the difference. The singing on the album varies from two different styles, a very Chuck like shril and clean melodic singing which in all honesty keeps the music interesting.
The music itself does not stay on the boring death metal/thrash forumla, there are several bizarre riffs within, many hinting at blues, which also keeps it interesting. I recommend this album to any death, thrash fan, it is incredible and I hope this band gets a huge following, they deserve it. --- By Steve W. Smith "Chairman Smith"

1. brittle
2. just ask yourself
3. mark it zero
4. limb from limb
5. i must have your brain
6. fate draws a curtain
7. harmonic discontent
8. iimram

pw = heavymetalbreed

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