Monday, February 2, 2009

ANNIHILATOR - Alice in Hell

Annihilator's brand of technical, thinking man's thrash metal garnered many fans with this fine debut, arguably the best release of the band's career. A brief acoustic guitar piece called "Crystal Ann" introduces the excellent title track: a psychological murder thriller supposedly based on a disturbed young girl's true story. Leader Jeff Waters takes himself a little too seriously at times (see the Edgar Allan Poe-influenced "Ligeia" and his ridiculously erudite commentary on each song's lyrics), but he is equally prone to refreshing flashes of humor on "Word Salad" and "Schizos Are Never Alone." The spectacularly named Randy Rampage proves himself to be a versatile vocalist on "Wicked Mystic" and "Burns Like a Buzzsaw Blade" (seriously). The careening closer "Human Insecticide" is magnificent for its sheer speed.
-- by Ed Rivadavia,

..Crystal Ann
..Alison Hell
..Wicked Mystic
..Burns Like A Buzzsaw Blade
..Word Salad
..Schizos (Are Never Alone) Parts I & II
..Human Insecticide

..year - 1989
..label - Roadrunner -
..home page -

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