Sunday, February 22, 2009

DANKO JONES - We Sweat Blood

After a previous full length CD and a couple EPs, the Canadian based trio's power is undeniable. A ferocious live act, they combine the wallop of Van Halen with the more angular sonics of Metallica. Incredibly tight, they can turn on a dime, wrapping muscular chords and pile driving rhythms around the front man whose name is also the band's moniker. Jones can shriek and scream, but never without some potent reason to have done so (such as on "Home to Hell"). The band also knows how to craft flat out irresistible hooks, albeit with the weight of flying anvils. "I Want You" mixes in the pop smarts of Cheap Trick, but with twice the decibels. -- David Greenberger

1.Forget My Name
3.I Love Living in the City
4.I Want You
5.Heartbreaker's a Blessing
6.Wait A Minute
8.Home to Hell
9.Hot Damn Woman
10.The Cross
11.Love Travel
12.We Sweat Blood
13.Woogie Boogie

..year - 2004
..label - Highlight Sounds - Amazon
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