Monday, February 23, 2009

DARK ANGEL - We Have Arrived (LP)

For a band that later distinguished itself for its technical proficiency, Dark Angel's arrogantly titled debut We Have Arrived is as primitive as it gets. Barely more than a full-length demo (even less than that by contemporary standards), the album collects the fledging L.A. thrashers at their garage band rawest. Besides "Welcome to the Slaughterhouse," which had given them their first exposure via Brian Slagel's Metal Massacre VI compilation, the band also belts their way through such primitive, demonically obsessed moshers as "Falling From the Skies," "Hell's on Its Knees," and the seriously dated title track (replete with piercing falsetto screams). [Reissued on CD with different cover art in 1997 by French label Axe Killer, the album will only interest serious thrash enthusiasts.]
-- by Ed Rivadavia,

Side A
1.We Have Arrived
2.Merciless Death
3.Falling From the Sky
4.Welcome to the Slaughter House

Side B
1.No Tomorrow
2.Hell's On It's Knees

**This is a real LP Vinyl ripping. All the noises are included. This is only for historic purpose.

..year - 1985
..label - Axe Killer Records - ** Out of print **
..home page - n/a

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