Monday, February 23, 2009

KARISMA - Sweet Revenge (LP)

Formed in 1980, and very inluenced by the NWOBHM, Karisma was possibly the first Latin American (Brazil) metal band to write lyrics and sing in English. After 26 years this albums stills catchy everyone that listen the material.. Great guitar playing. Of course a poor quality recording buut this is an historic item and you can't miss this.

Side A
1.We Are Here to Fuck Your Ears
2.We've Got Rock
3.Far Away From Home
4.In My Bed

Side B
1.Orient Fucker
2.Honey, You Got Money
3.Too Much Drugs
4.Stairway to Heavy

..year - 1983
..label - Baratos Afins - ** out of print **
..home page - n/a

**This is a real LP Vinyl ripping. All the noises are included. This is only for historic purpose.

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