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No make up. No pyro. No Hair Spray. Circus Of Power was a Godsend to us no bullshit rock n' rollers of the late 80's. The 80's as far as commercial music goes sucked. If you dug deep enough under the Poison, Cinderella, Whitesnake aqua net drenched jack asses, you could find yourself some good metal in the likes of Venom and the lot........ Circus Of Power was part of a new class of band in between "hair metal" and that garbage that came out of Seattle.Yes I said G-A-R-B-A-G-E.
Circus Of Power came dressed in leather, worn leather by the way, not off the rack shiny we have a promo shoot to do and the producer thinks this "kicks ass" leather. Circus Of Power came playing vintage Les Pauls, not the BC Rich flavor of the month "Hey, this makes me look cool" guitar. Circus Of Power showed up with more ink than a tattoo parlors flash book. Most important of all, Circus Of Power came with a no nonsense, belly up to the bar, plug in and play no b.s. I gotta a pocket full of power chords ROCK N ROLL.
Their classic self titled debut is still sought after on eBay and rarely a copy sells for under $30.00. When you take one of the greatest rock n roll singing voices in history and back it up with two talented guitar player/songwriters, you end up with CIRCUS OF POWER. This is Rock n Roll at its finest hour.

Side One
1. Gates of Love
2. Desire Fire in the Night
3. Two River Highway
4. Vices
5. Don't Drag Me Down
6. Last Call Rosie

Side Two
1. Doctor Poison
2. Los Angeles
3. Got Hard
4. Temptation
5. Junkie Girl
6. Simple Man Simple Woman

..year - 1990
..label - RCA - n/a
..home page - (Unofficial)

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Anonymous said...

"Circus Of Power was a Godsend to us no bullshit rock n' rollers of the late 80's."
Couldn't have said it better. I haven't heard this in ages, and can't wait to hear it again. Thanks for this one...

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