Monday, February 2, 2009

EVILDEAD - The Underworld

L.A.-based Evildead was the thrash metal band founded by former Agent Steel guitarist Juan Garcia, following that group's apparent breakup in 1987. Alongside vocalist Phil Flores, guitarist Albert Gonzalez, bassist Mel Sanchez (previously his bandmate with Abattoir), and drummer Rob Alaniz, he signed with Germany's Steamhammer label, and by the close of 1989 they had released both an EP (entitled Rise Above) and a full album (optimistically named Annihilation of Civilization) of particularly brutal thrash metal.
Not too many consumers took notice, however, so after taking stock of their prospects, Flores and Garcia retooled Evildead's lineup with new members Dan Flores (guitar), Karlos Medina (bass, and another Agent Steel alum), and drummer Doug Clawson prior to recording 1991's The Underworld. Unfortunately, it too failed to impress the marketplace -- despite flirting with the day's more current death metal style -- and, after delivering a final live album with the following year's From the Depths of the Underworld, Evildead quietly shut down shop.
-- by Eduardo Rivadavia,

..Intro (Comshell 5)
..Global Warning
..Welcome to Kwait
..Critic Cynic
..The Hood
..The Underworld
..He's a Woman She's a Man
..Process Elimination
..Labyrinth of the Mind
..Reap What You Sow

..year - 1991
..label - Steamhammer (UK) SPV -
..home page -

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