Sunday, February 22, 2009

JOE SATRIANI - Surfing With the Alien

Surfing With the Alien was Joe's first successful record, and after listening to it just once you'll understand why. Joe eschews needless self-indulgence like most 'guitar heroes' and just plays rocking songs with interesting melodies. My favorite songs are "Crushing Day" -- an exhilarating song with mind-bending solos and some good hooks -- and "Echo" -- a great track that flows naturally and beautifully. Every other song here is excellent, from the epic and orchestral-sounding "Hill of the Skull" to the pretty ballad "Always With Me; Always With You."
I highly recommend this album to guitar players and rock fans alike.

1.Surfing with the Alien
2.Ice 9
3.Crushing Day
4.Always With Me, Always With You
5.Satch Boogie
6.Hill of the Skull
8.Lords of Karma

..year - 1999
..label - Sony - Amazon
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