Monday, February 2, 2009

ANTHRAX - I'm The Man (EP)

Genius. Pure genius. Way before Rage Against the Machine, before Run-D.M.C.'s collaboration with Aerosmith, and before their infamous collaboration with Public Enemy, Anthrax take the credit -- or blame -- for being the pioneers of merging rap and metal. Released in 1987, their now-classic I'm the Man is a funny tribute/parody/attempt at hip-hop that is not only pulled off successfully, but it's also the first release that showcases Anthrax's sense of humor -- the latter of which was also a first for the genre of speed metal. There are also three live tracks -- one of which is the title track -- as well as a "moshable" version of Black Sabbath's "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" -- all of which are great but will probably be overlooked. Has it been mentioned that this EP is genius?
~ ~ by Mike DaRonco,

..I'm The Man (Censored Radio Version)
..I'm The Man (Def Uncensored Version)
..Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
..I'm The Man (Live)
..Caught in A Mosh (Live)
..I Am the Law (Live)

..year - 1987
..label - Megaforce/Island - (
..home page -

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