Monday, February 23, 2009

IRON MAIDEN - Extraño En Una Tierra Extraña (Maxi-Single LP)

This set was only available on Argentina. I bought the entire series when I was visiting Buenos Aires on the end of the 80s. Amazing cover arts. This is a very rare item and you can't miss this one.

Side A
1.Stranger in a Strange Land

Side B
1.That Girl

**This is a real LP Vinyl ripping. All the noises are included. This is only for historic purpose.

..year - 1986
..label - EMI - **out of print**
..home page -

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Cpt. Roger said...

I guess you mean the Spanish title, because this was available also in Europe. Italy for sure, as far as I'm concerned. Indeed I have a copy with same songs (just English title).

Nagiants40 said...

Yes Captain... this was exclusive on Argentina with spanish language...

Thanks for the comments..

Anonymous said...

Captain's right. I bought a copy as a Christmas gift to a friend when it was released. Should have kept a copy myself... :-(