Wednesday, May 9, 2007

JAG PANZER: (1984) Ample Destruction (Metal Blade)

I believe it is no exaggeration for me to claim that this Album is easily one of the all time top 10 albums, when it comes to Heavy Metal.
It has stood the test of time flawlessly, since it was first released in 1984. And it should certainly be mentioned in the same breath as when Metal Fans talk about their all time favorite albums. Meaning that it deserves to be placed in terms of ranking with such masterpieces as "Master of Puppets", "The Number of The Beast", or "Reign in Blood". The only striking difference is that it never received its deserved attention, and thus was never as popular, as the mentioned classics that all Metal fans love. Far from being popular this album is still (as unbelievable as that may be) an underground classic, that most Metal fans have never even had the priviledge of having heard.
There isen't a single thing on this CD that should have in any way been done differently. From the crisp sounding, low budget recording, that is surprisingly clear, to the superb musicianship, simply every note on this album seems just perfect. The Songs are all amazingly catchy tunes, with extrodinary lead guitars, pumping bass lines, precise and powerful drumming, and above all a singer that is simply out of this world, with his enormous, at times, high pitched vocal assaults. You will not find a single song that could not be called at least good, when really all of them are excellent hymns. Actually what Jag Panzer offered here was nothing less then a timeless classic and masterpiece, of exactly how Heavy Metal should always have sounded. The songs are filled with monster riffs, that just gab the listener and don't let him go until the entire 40 minute album is finally over. Really, here we have hymns and anthems for a whole generation ! I won't go into single songs, because as already mentioned they are all excellent. If a comparison is to be made, then the influences of these blessed musicians are great traditional Heavy Metal bands, like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath.
So if you like Heavy Metal, do yourself a huge favor and pick this CD up whenever you get a chance, because believe me you will love it. There isen't a single person that liked Metal for whom I played this CD that upon hearing it didn't immediately think that it was very good to outstanding. Unfortunately, you won't find this CD everywhere, since it has really become a rarity ! Even back in the 80s it was consistenly hard to find (then as vinyl), but believe me the search is worth every penny that you might have to invest into this true timless Heavy Metal classic.... Reviewer: Metallian "stained89"

1. Licensed to Kill
2. Warfare
3. Symphony Of Terror
4. Harder Than Steel
5. Generally Hostile
6. The Watching
7. Unnamed Interlude
8. Reign Of the Tyrants
9. Cardiac Arrest
10. The Crucifix
11. Black Sunday (Bonus)
12. Eyes of the Night (Bonus)
** Covers: (Yes)
** Bitrate: (192kbps)

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