Tuesday, May 8, 2007

LIVING DEATH: (2002) Metal Revolution (Expanded)

The Thrash/Speed band from Velbert was totally undervalued in their active time. So it is astonishing, that they finally release their second rerelease. After the cult debut "Vengeance Of Hell", there is now the great second work "Metal Revolution" as fantastic rerelease. Due to the 5 Live songs as bonus, one can't complain something about it. Musically, this was a great cumulation to the debut "Vengeance Of Hell" in 1984, which was a little bit thin in its sound. LIVING DEATH were at the creative top of their career with "Metal Revolution"! All songs are a combination of traditional Heavy Metal and severe Speed/Thrash. Ok, it will be not hard enough for the Die Hard Thrash fans. But hey, we talk about one of the first bands, which celebrated this sound in Germany. Imagine a Thrash Metal version of ACCEPT and CIRITH UNGOL, because the vocals of Toto are the incarnation of moodiness. His shrill voice divided the fans in the 80s, too. Personally, I liked the band because of the originally vocals and the musically area is also on the top.
After all, the Kelch brothers had been the musically leaders of MEKONG DELTA! So, technically, there is nothing to complain about, eh? The songs itself are just classics, very plausible, diversified und always wrecking your neck. Songs like the dragging "Screaming For A Chamber" or the jaunty "Shadow Of A Dream" are midwhile in my alltime-fave-list. Actually, there are just hits on the record!
Of course, I know that their following record "Protected From Reality" (previously there had been a rare Mini) was great, too. It was vitally more extreme but also very technical. There was the influence of MEKONG DELTA much bigger! (Online September 14, 2002)..link >>>

1. Killing Machine
2. Grippin' A Heart
3. Rulers Must Come
4. Screaming From a Shambles
5. Intro
6. Shadow of a Dream
7. Panic & Hysteria
8. Road of Destiny
9. Deep In Hell
10. You and Me
11. Living Death
12. Bloody Dance
13. My Victim
14. Nightline
** Crazy Life Music
** Covers: (Yes)
** Bitrate: (192kbps)
** Tracks 10-11-12-13-14 recorded live (Bonus)

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