Friday, May 18, 2007

LIVING DEATH: (1984) Vengeance of Hell

Living Death punched their way into a record deal with the release of their 3 song demo: "Living Death", "Nightlight", and "My Victim".
When Vengeance of Hell was released it did quite well despite its poor production, most notibly the terribly produced drum sound. It was later remixed with drummer Andreas Oberhoff; I'm not sure if this happened in the same year or the next. This album, with its moody atmosphere, rolls along at a moderate to fast speed with thick -sounding guitar work and classic LD lead. The song styles vary, unlike later Living Death albums such as Metal Revolution, Back to the Weapons and Protected From Reality, all which have a "tighter" style. Thorsten's vocals have yet to develop to their classic style, on this album sounding fairly clear and somewhat monotonous. The track "Hellpike" with remastered drums appears on the 1985 Speed Kills II compliation.
*This album was reissued by the Mausolum label in 1995 as a "reissue classic" on CD. I believe it is now (again) out of print. Though it was reissured the drums were not remixed and therefore the CD still possesses the weak sounding drums.

1. You and Me (4:07)
2. Living Death (3:44)
3. Nightlight (5:45)
4. My Victim (4:13)
5. Labyrinth (3:18)
6. Heavy Metal Hurricane (3:43)
7. Hell Pike (4:03)
8. Riding a Virgin (4:01)
9. Vengeance of Hell (5:13)
10. Watch Out (Bonus Track)

D-load album :-)

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