Wednesday, May 9, 2007

JAG PANZER: (2000) Thane To the Throne (Century Media)

I gave this a 5 star masterpiece of rating in terms of concept albums as a rating. Don't get me wrong: the music on this is right up there with, Age of Mastery and Mechanized Warfare. But, the way Panzer put this all together, throwing in the awesome pic of MacBeth as the story, made it almost able to see the whole album as one long track musically, while still making you follow along with the story of the Shakespearian madman, MacBeth.
If you haven't read the play, this will make you want to. Murder, greed, ambition overdone, ghosts, gothic-like scenes; it's all in the play, as well as in the lyrics on this CD. I think any Panzer fan will love this, and if you're even more lucky, you'll want to spend a few bucks on a paperback and read the play. I love bands that fuse any great classic literature or classical music into power metal. If a younger fan gets into it, it opens so many other doors. The music is haunting, powerful, and grand to any Panzer fan's ears. No question on this rating: ***** 5 STAR PANZER RATING FROM SCRAGGY'S TOMB OF POWER METAL! Cheers.... Reviewer:SpacegrassMan (Forest of Black Death)

1. thane of cawdor
2. king at a price
3. bloody crime
4. the premonitions
5. treachery's stain
6. spectres of the past
7. banquo's final rest
8. three voices of fate
9. hell to pay
10. the prophecies (fugue in D minor)
11. insanity's mind
12. requiem for lady macbeth
13. face of fear
14. fall of dunsianne
15. fate's triumph
16. the downward fall
17. tragedy of macbeth
** Covers: (Yes)
** Bitrate: (128kbps)

D-Load Album :-)
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