Friday, May 18, 2007

LIVING DEATH: (1987) Protected from Reality

This Living Death album, and some may disagree with me, is their heaviest and most highly rated. It is definately their darkest; most songs about some sort of death and dying. All songs are quite fast except "The Galley". There are some great G-riffs here, and Thorsten's vocals are at their extream, yet tend to be buried slightly more in the background than with other LD releases. This album is German thrash at its best - fast, noisy, chaotic and I feel was the climax of Living Death's career.
* The tape and Cd version of the instrumental track "Wood of Necrophiliac" is cut off at the end unlike the vinyl which just fades off 5 sec. earlier. In compliation to this album, Living Death released a 12" picture disk called "Eisbein". I have never, myself, seen this EP or know what other tracks are included as well. (I've been told that the word 'eisbein' is German for pork hocks - just in case anybody was wondering). Some albums I've noticed list the track "Horrible Solution" as "Horrible Infanticide". I'm not sure which is the correct or if the song was later renamed on more current releases.

1. Horrible Solution (3:39)
2. Manila Terror (3:49)
3. Natures Death (4:39)
4. Wood of Necrophiliac (5:18)
5. Vengeance (4:07)
6. Intruder (4:50)
7. The Galley (5:34)
8. War of Independence (3:31)
9. Eisbein (mit sauerkraut) (2:51)

D-load album :-)

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