Sunday, May 6, 2007

TANKARD: (1989) Alien (Mini-LP)

Smiling faces everywhere: Not only the live shows but also the album "B-Day" sold way more copies than most critics would have bet on. Plus the eleven smashers of the eleventh studio record "Beast Of Bourbon" show even more intensive moments, proving TANKARD´s original power and heaviness on their very best level. Not to forget producer Andy Classen´s brillant engineering and mixing of the spicy thrash metal brew. The sleeve rounds it up and demonstrates one more time the genius arts of Germany´s leading living artist Sebastian Krüger, well known as famous portrait painter of Keith Richards and Slash.
No doubt about that: The lyrics of the current TANKARD record hit the point as good as ever before. "Beast Of Bourbon" features a poetic and ironic spectrum, ranging from unbeatable tenderness (´Fistful Of Love´) to alcoholic aliens with some unstoppable love for German beer which has been brewed in the tradition of 1516. Gerre traces down the thugs to their third-class-planet somewhere left hand side of the Andromeda nebula and uncovers a flourishing beer industry with stolen German patents.
But there´s even more to discover:
- ´Die With A Beer In Your Hand´ shows the real thing to wimps and posers from all over the metal planet: "Sword held higher - who´s the liar? - I have the beer of fire!" - ´Genetic Overkill´ serves in the tradition of Tankards all-time-goodie ´Chemical Invasion´, shocking harmless bar patrons with a mind-boggling focus on gender manipulated beer.
- ´Under Friendly Fire´ describes American jet fighter pilots as amphetamine driven ruthless killers who don´t care for anybody as long as they´ve shot down every single human being during freedom supporting campaignes like "Operation Desert Worm". - ´We´re Coming Back´ is a cover of a singalong-superhit, originally written and recorded by British punk rockers Cocksparrer. The number found its way into the Tankard repertoire by entertaining numerous rides of supporters of Frankfurt´s football side Eintracht on away trips. Signore Geremia´s second job: travel agent of the responsible organizing company named "Anal Sex Tours". - ´Dead Men Drinking´ finally features the band celebrating themselves, meaning: We´re not dead yet. We´re more alive and well than many bad-wishers would have dared to think only a few years ago.
Did anyone try to find a decent spot for TANKARD´s final curtain yet? No way! The freshness of "Beast Of Bourbon" and now "The Beauty and the Beer" (2006) proves that the "ugliest thrash band in the world" still has all the power and all the passion to stay with us for another little while...

1. Alien
2. 666 Packs
3. Live to Dive
4. Remedy
5. (Empty) Tankard
** Covers: (Yes)
** Bitrate: (192kbps)

D-Load Album :-)
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