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TANKARD: (1985) Alcoholic Metal (2º Demo tape)

Back to the year 1984. Tankard played at a legendary happening in Sindlingen. Other up and coming bands present were Sodom and the southern trio Destruction-rambo outfits and all. "Manfred Schütz of SPV, who was also there, made us an offer but then withdrew it after he saw us play" says Gerre with a grin. "He had the balls to say that we weren't bad. Weren't bad? We sucked!!". The main reason was that Andy wore a blue sweater with some deer on it. Not very Metal. Sodom and Destruction signed up with SPV-Label Steamhammer and Tankard still had no contract. What the boys really needed aside from gigs and popular demos like „Heavy Metal Vanguard" and "Alcoholic Metal" was business sense.
Enter manager Buffo Schnädelbach. He gave up his job as banker because he couldn't take wearing a tie all day. From then on he took care of marketing and merchandising. At first he didn't fare to well as sixth "Beer mug" on stage ("I was allowed to sing 'Alcohol' and failed") but the Frankfurt Südbahnhof was completely sold out. There were even ten police cars parked outside waiting for trouble. At this time our heroes had their first record contract and "Zombie Attack" was in the stores. Karl-Ulrich Walterbach, owner of Noise Records in Berlin, turned out to be quite a penny pincher. During one of their studio dates he even suggested they stay the nights at the local youth hostle.
At least he recognized their potential in the mid eighties. The combination of alcoholic humor, political irony, pounding rhythm and the stage presence of front-man Gerre gained them increasing popularity. In 1988 the magazine Stern described their music in the article "Heavy Metal Subculture" as a "derailing train loaded with beer mugs".
Even prominent band Metallica, while touring Germany as support for Twisted Sister, laughed their asses off when Hetfield ("Hey, you sound like a mix between Tank and Discharge") and Ulrich read the headline on their tour poster.
On it was printed "at war with breakdancers". Venom, whose current album at the time was titled "At War With Satan", probably got a kick out of it, too.
Tankard left the fight between Posers and Thrashers to the jerks of the scene. After graduation they went to Berlin to record the debut "Zombie Attack" and were more concerned with exploding camping cookers, warmed-up ravioli three times a day, broken beds, hysterical maids and the forced vacation from a slightly demolished hotel...continues below

1. Acid Death
2. Screaming Victims
3. Intro
4. Zombie Attack
5. Deadly Intention
6. Mercenary
7. Poison
8. Alien
9. Thunder & Lightning
** Covers: (Yes)
** Bitrate: (192kbps)

D-Load Tape :-)
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