Sunday, May 6, 2007

TANKARD: (1988) The Morning After

Maybe this lack of recognition was due to the chaos and destruction they left behind in the television world. Gerre fell asleep with 3.3 blood-alcohol during an interview on Music Box. It was the beginning of the end for that station. For Tankard just the beginning. In the early 90s they played a band in the series "Ein Fall für Zwei". In it they were represented by Heavy Metal lawyer Rainer Hunold. The manager was played by Peer Augustinski. "We had a small gig in the Music Hall without pay that episode" says Gerre, who also played a statist in the series "Lindenstraße", "But we could drink for free. And we did just that. The production manager just shook his head the whole time".
"It is unknown how this guy must've reacted when he got the bill from the Music Hall. We took a sack of potatoes from a back room and shared it amongst ourselves". At least the scene was already filmed where Hunold, holding a Tankard cover in his hands, asks Augustinski "And this stuff sells?". Yes, it does!
Olaf Zissel recently had a severe toast on his ten year´s anniversary as TANKARD´s most irresistable drummer ever. 2004 will see Guitarist Andy Gutjahr raising a heavy pint to celebrate his personal best: six years of constant Thrash´n´Fun. Obviously the line-up of Frankfurt´s Finest looks as steady and stable as a brand new Oktoberfest mug waiting to be filled with a liter of freshly brewed German beer.
There were only two main characters who did not survive last two years´ highly successful touring season. In August 03 the beloved wooden sandals of singer Gerre fairly disappeared into the blue. The heavily built frontman desperately searched a backstage room at Swiss´ summer festival "Metal Dayz" over and over and over again, but in vain: his pals were gone
forever. The heroic, ecologically priceless hand-crafted shoes just seemed to have taken the chance of emigrating to North Americas south west coast. It´s more than just rumors that Slayer, who used to share the same chamber with TANKARD, took the occasion to lure away Gerres seven-mile-boots with promises of an eternal sun at the beaches of Malibu, delivering the service to shuffle over melting sands, carrying axeman Kerry King´s sensitive feet.
But this shattering loss remained to be the only sad footnote of TANKARD´s twentieth founding anniversary diary. A both freaky and fluffy episode, packed with lots of memorable gigs. In 02 and 03 the band was booked many times to play clubshows and festival performances: almost as many live appearances as had been listed back in the late eighties, when our friends used to hammer through their first successful golden years. And year number three of the new millennium delivered the perfect timing to experience unexpected, but deepest TANKARD mania: In Turkey and Greece the Band hotels were literally besieged by hordes of fanatic supporters. And Gerre utilized his dream of dreams to thunder away his erotically powered 135-kilo-chippendales-body by stagediving into the heart of a berserking mosh-pit during showtime in Athens... continues below....

1. Intro
2. Commandments
3. Shit-Faced
4. TV Hero
5. F.U.N.
6. Try Again
7. The Morning After
8. Desperation
9. Feed The Lohocla
10. Help Yourself
11. Mon Cheri
12. Outro
** Covers: (Yes)
** Bitrate: (192kbps)

D-Load Album :-)
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