Wednesday, May 9, 2007

JAG PANZER: (1998) The Age Of Mastery (Century Media)

Black Sabbath's "Heaven & Hell" and Dio's "Holy Diver" are one of best true heavy metal albums ever written, right? "The Age of Mastery" will be a strong copmetitor to them. I would not say it is better, even though I almost wanted to. "The age of.." is a mixture of classic heavy metal and 90's power metal with some folk influence. They dont make much such a music anymore and it would be mistake to skip such a great masterpiece. It is a straightforward heavy metal for its truest sence! Do not be afraid of any cliches, it is fresh and strong. I love it!.... Reviewer: trasher (Estonia)

1. iron eagle
2. lustfull and free
3. twilight years
4. sworn to silence
5. false messiah
6. the age of mastery
7. viper
8. displacement
9. chain of command
10. take this pain away
11. burning heart
12. the moors
** Covers: (Yes)
** Bitrate: (320kbps)

D-Load Album :-)
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