Friday, May 18, 2007

LIVING DEATH: (1988) Worlds Neuroses

Worlds Neuroses is the only album where Living Death appears to have done something radically different. A commercial move to capture a larger audience?, prehaps. Some fans I've spoke to feel it is their worst album. The music (on average) tends to be slower than previous stuff, Thorsten's vocal style is very different. His classic skreechy-screaming voice is quite changed. When I first got this album I had initially thought this was a new singer. The only time he actually sounds like his old style is in the chorus for Schizophrenia. Despite the above changes, this album is actually quite good and is their best produced. Sound quality kicks compared to their previous stuff.
The album has a cleaner, less dark sound than other releases and the song styles vary considerably throughout the album; from a heavy and techno-thrashy "Worlds Neuroses" to slow and mellow "Down", psychedelic-sounding "Schizophrenia" to a more rock-style "Tuesday". Nonetheless the music definately shows the bands talents. Definately not worth over-looking (or listening).

1. Last Birthday (3:50)
2. Die Young (3:57)
3. Schizophrenia (4:10)
4. On the 17th Floor (3:39)
5. Down (4:30)
6. Worlds Neuroses (2:29)
7. Bastard (at the Busstop) (2:43)
8. The Testament of Mr. George (5:02)
9. Sacred Chao (3:58)
10. Tuesday (6:51)

D-load album :-)

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