Sunday, July 1, 2007

FIGHT: (1993) War of Words

Just pretend for a moment you are the vocalist of one of the all time top selling Heavy Metal bands (yes, it is quite a stretch of the imagination!), and you are not happy. The band has only sporadically produced worthwhile material for the best part of a decade, and you are feeling like letting loose. If you are Rob Halford, you form Fight. Yes, Fight, the side project that saw Rob Halford ejected from Judas Priest, inadvertently revitalising both Halford and Priest. Rather than reinventing the wheel, Fight took a huge slab of Priest, and added a dash of Thrash sensibilities, which left an unfettered Halford free to revive the forgotten art of Screaming for Vengeance.
So what do we get? Well, lots of Priest influenced, headkicking metal, not terribly original, but entertaining and as catchy as hepatitis in a spitting competition. There are straightforward stompers like "Into The Pit", "War Of Words", "Kill It" and "Vicious". "Little Crazy" is a little different, using slide guitars to add an almost country feel. "For All Eternity" and "Reality: A New Beginning" let Halford explore power ballad country. There really isn't much more to say about this album. It is solid, straightforward 1990s Heavy Metal. Fans will know what to expect. It is unlikely to convert the unconverted. It is metal, simple as that... by Patrick Stott

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