Wednesday, July 4, 2007

PUNGENT STENCH: (1993) For God Your Soul...For Me Your Flesh

Unlike more technical death metal bands like Death or Sadus that kill you with their lightning speed solos and drum blasts, Pungent Stench is more of a stripped down, back to basics form of death metal. This in my opinion is their heaviest and more raw sounding album. Tracks like "Just Let me Rot" and "For God your soul For Me your Flesh" show us how brutal and raw this band can be. The vocals are simply brutal, its a cross between Chris Barnes low Devastating cries and a drunk guy vomiting his guts out. This album is essential if you are a serious Death Metal fan and you want to hear other, less well known Death metal bands. This is a good place to start and then of course the classic "Been caught Buttering" where you can hear for yourself how amazingly brutal they can sound without all the flash and hoopla that other death metal bands put into their music. Great album, get it, oh and by the way, have a vomitting bag next to you, the vocals are pretty disgusting... C. Garces

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