Sunday, July 1, 2007

SOULFLY: (2000) Primitive

I guese I was expecting some thing different, It's still a good CD for soulfly on their second release, there are two songs that I feel could have been done better and/or left out of the album, Terrorist was the song that I had the highest hopes for, but it feel short for me, it started off nice but mutaited into a mess towards the end of the song, The one song that should have been left out is the the .... Hip=Hop, same old limp bzk .... I think it's good that Max wants to expand his boundry's but I think this was going a little to far, I don't like rap, I don't like hip hop, and when I see one of my favorite heavy Mtl bands doing a hip hop songs, it just makes me want to screem(this is why I give the 4 stars).
Other than those two the rest of the album rocks, the album goes with the Roots and Debute sound, with a little added " texture " I recomend to all sepultura, soulfly and trash metal fans, Joseph Cherwinski

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