Wednesday, July 4, 2007

PUNGENT STENCH: (1998) Praise the Names of the Musical Assasins

This is a comp of all kind's of rare PUNGENT anthem's, straghit from the toilet to yer stereo!!
The first 5 track's on here, from the split with Benediction..are really just FRIGHTENING!!! I mean the druming is so fast that I really cant take it, I promise you this is some of the most INSAINE druming, EVER!!!! WORTH THE PRICE ALONE..YOU WILL RUN!!!
There are two different version's of this(as with everey PUNGENT album or ep!!!!), one in a sorta digi box and a jewel case version, either one is good, the jewel case one will cost you no more than 2$ BRAND NEW, so you have no exscuse not to buy this!! A very mandatory comp, hail the STENCH!! ..Infester

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