Wednesday, July 4, 2007

PUNGENT STENCH: (1994) Club Mondo Bizarre

What a shame these guys called it quits......and after such a brilliant album. This is one of those albums you just don't get sick of hearing. Very groove oriented with that funky sound. Much different than their previous grindcore albums, and much better. Whereas they used to lag far behind the likes of Napalm Death or Carcass where Grindcore is concerned, they have now moved up the ranks by putting out one of the most unique death metal albums of all time (if you would call it death metal.) The lyrics are explicit and hilarious, as are the photos. The music slams in a Black Sabbath meets Led Zepplin meets Sepultura meets Obituary mosh pit........very hard too describe. Kinda like bluesy death metal with Cavalera-esque vocals, though much deathier. Well, done my best to describe a killer album......Do yourself a favor....pick it up, you won't be sorry.

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