Thursday, July 5, 2007

TROUBLE: (1991) Manic Frustration

Trouble. Why has this band not become huge? This CD still gets played at shows in Pittsburgh between bands or during stage set-up. Symphony X and UFO shows lately and for good reason, it ROCKS. "Come touch the Sky" kicks this off and it is just a heavy and catchy riff. Along the lines of "Toys in The attic" or "Daytripper" but much heavier and distorted. Then there is no looking back. Eric Wagner's voice just complements this music so well. It is just a shame the rest of the world or at least the US never really picked up on these guys. I just played this in it's entirety again last night. I have owned this for over a decade. It is that good. It appears this is stuck in the cult following but so many people love this, go figure. BUY IT NOW!.. Hellion Zephreid

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juan7049 said...

Mil gracias por esta aporte tan excelente man

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most excellent, and thank you!!

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