Wednesday, July 4, 2007

PUNGENT STENCH: (2002) Masters of Moral, Servants of Sin

Back for more, original members Martin Shirenc and Alex Wank bring along new member Reverend Mausna for a 10-song trip of perverse, sharp, brutal and darkly humorous death metal. Nuclear Blast. After a long hiatus and a "best of" album, the boys of Pungent Stench are back with all new material......and it is better than I anticipated. "Masters of Moral-Servants of Sin" is a 42 minute excursion into songs about child molesting priests, necrophilia, a sadistic nurse and the joys of being short this album isn't for the easily offended, of course if you listen to death metal there probably isn't much that is going to offend you anyway. The production on this album is superb with every instrument sounding crystal clear. In short if you like Pungent Stench or death metal period you should get this album... Duderino 1

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