Sunday, July 1, 2007

SOULFLY: (2004) Prophecy

"Prophecy"'s spiky, churning guitars and rolling, tribal-tinged drums are very much as in "Roots," Max Cavalera's last album with Sepultura. But unlike Sepultura, Soulfly experiments with sounds beyond Brazil, such as dub, flamenco, and even Serbian folk music. The results can be jarring, as acoustic interludes come out of nowhere, only to be steamrolled by the next thrashy stomper. However, this ultimately makes for an enjoyable and varied, if occasionally humorous listen. The album falters near the end, starting with an unnecessary cover of Helmet's "In the Meantime" that drops into a baffling psychedelic coda. Overall, however, the album is energetic, uplifting, and Cosmokane31

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