Friday, June 29, 2007

DREAMS OF SANITY: (2000) Komodia

As I entered in this scene, I became familiar with Dreams of Sanity just as I was bieng reborn... Something about Dreams of Sanity: It was formed as a band in 1991 in Innsbruck, Austria just consisting of drums, guitar and bass. The basic idea was to make a different sound than the rest of the local underground scene that really was into black metal those days, so they called themselves "Dreams of a Non-Sick Mind" and made music, that we considered as heavy metal, or as melodic doom metal, but could hardly be labeled. They affirm their roots lie in the 80's pop, and the 80's heavy metal loke Iron Maiden, Helloween, King Diamond also some musicals and instrumental music.
After hard work in consealing with recording studios the chance to show their material to Lacrimosa, came and later they recorded for Hall of Sermon label, in 1997. Their Line up in Komödia Romed Astner - Drums, Martina Hornbacher - Vocals (exmember for the later CD "Masquerade"), Michael Knoflach - bass, Stefan Manges - keyboards, Christian Marx - guitars, Sandra Schleret - vocals, Andreas Wildauer - guitars. This CD of Dreams of Sanity come to be very special, has so many changes in music in only one track, Comes from slow and pasive to strong and almost heavy , ofcourse it never losses the melodic rythm that caughts everyone who listens to it. My personal favorite its a bonus track Called Treesitter, which tell a very sad story in the Beautiful voice of Sandra and Martina, the y came to be very good team for this CD. In the very first moment that you play this you come to want to hear more and more, and then you realise you are hearing the CD for the 2nd or 3th time already...
Every song has something to say ... just open your mind and enjoy the ride... You should buy it, dont think it over or sleep on it just take it at once, you wont regret it. ...stertor, Mexico

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