Thursday, June 7, 2007

VADER: (1993) The Darkest Age - Live '93

Recorded on the supporting tour for their debut album, The Ultimate Incantation, Vader's The Darkest Age: Live '93 draws nearly all of its material from that record -- and as such, they're fairly similar. While there's no denying Vader's technical ability -- either in the studio or in concert -- Live in Japan remains a better, more comprehensive survey of their live performances; still, devoted fans may find this worthwhile as a comparison point... by Steve Huey

1. Macbeth (intro)
2. Dark Age
3. Vicious Circle
4. Crucified Ones
5. Demon's Wind
6. Decapitated Saints
7. From Beyond (intro)
8. Missing track
9. Reign-Carrion
10. Testimony
11. Breath of Centuries
12. Omen (intro)
13. Hell Awaits

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** Missing the track 8 ''Chaos'' , if you have this album, please upload this track, thanks in advance...
BITRATE = 160kbps

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