Thursday, June 7, 2007

VADER: (1997) Black to the Blind

You like Slayer? You like Morbid Angel? You wish that somehow they could be one band? Well, here's the answer to your prayers. Vader takes the extreme thrash of Slayer and the oldschool death of Morbid Angel, and compiles it into one crackling package that is simply the greatest death metal band of all time. Peter and Mauser crank out an awesome dual guitar assault, and Doc's drumming is unbelievable. A lot of it is the standard "tap tap tap" death drumming that Morbid Angel practically invented, which can get a little monotonous, but there's also more complex drumming that brings Dave Lombardo to mind. The best songs are "Heading for the Internal Darkness", "Carnal", and "Distant Dream", but all of them are pretty good. Many seem to consider "De Profundis" to be Vader's best album, but I believe it's a close second to this one here. But, they're all good, really. I can't believe I'm the first person to review this album in over two years! If you are a death metal fan, you must own this Kevin McDonald, Seattle

1. Heading for Internal Darkness
2. The Innermost Ambience
3. Carnal
4. Fractal Light
5. True Names
6. The Beast Raping
7. Foetus God
8. The Red Passage
9. Distant Dream
10. Black to the Blind

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