Thursday, June 7, 2007

PRONG: (88) Force Fed

Prong's second independent release, Force Fed, showed great improvement over their aptly named Primitive Origins debut. Rather than resorting to blind fury and pure chaos like its predecessor, the album highlights the trio's developing technical skills as they begin to truly gel as a unit. "Freezer Burn," "Forgery," and the title track are tight bursts of power, alternately sung by guitarist Tommy Victor and bassist Mike Kirkland, and always propelled by the amazing Ted Parsons on drums. In retrospect, it's evident that Force Fed was rong's transition from an average hardcore band into an outstanding technical thrash Ed Rivadavia, All Music

1. Freezer Burn
2. Forgery
3. Senseless Abuse
4. Primitive Origins
5. Aggravated Condition
6. The Coliseum
7. Decay
8. It's Been Decided
9. Force Fed
10. The taming
11. Bought and Sold
12. Look up at the Sun
13. Drainpipe
14. Track 14

D-load album :-)
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