Wednesday, June 27, 2007

IMMOLATION: (2000) Close to a World Below

"Close To A World Below" stands out as possibly THE best offering to the death metal genre from Immolation. The music is absolutely unrelenting the entire time, and the musicianship is some of the best out there. The vocals are also classic. I recently reviewed their 2002 release "Unholy Cult", which is also amazing, and I hailed it as quite an impressive work, but "Close To A World Below" is, I feel, still a bit superior to even their recent release. The reason for this is that the music here is simply done in a slightly more traditional style, and done VERY well. It's certainly some of the heaviest death metal available, not to mention a top-notch release when looking at technicality as well. The great production on this album really helps bring out the intricacies of Immolation's sound.
The huge downside to this album, as another reviewer noted, are the terribly cliché, extremely anti-Christian lyrics added for the sole purpose of being offensive. These days, bands that include that kind of thing simply date themselves and demonstrate that they are unable to evolve (which was proved wrong in this case, since their follow-up release of "Unholy Cult" is definitely an evolutionary step for Immolation). The anti-Christian lyrics get pretty annoying sometimes, simply for repeatedly kicking the dead horse, so to speak. "Close To A World Below" is quite possibly some of the most talented death metal available, but you have to be able to stomach the extreme anti-Christian lyrics. Despite the fact that a lot of aspects of this album are cliché, this is still a superb release and I highly recommend it... Azrael

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D-load album :-)

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