Friday, June 29, 2007

BAL SAGOTH: (1999) The Power Cosmic

Yes, this album is a bit corny. if that turns you off completely, stop here. if you think you might be able to live with it, then to you i submit this simple review. this album is a collection of songs often well connected that tell some sort of story about conflicts between gods and the like. the music itself has a baroque-ish feel to it. there are many synthesized parts that support strong melodic lines and weave in and out of the main focus. the music here is competently written, comprehensible and ambitious. they do fall short at times of their intended goal, but such tracks as 'callisto rising' and the 'empyreal lexicon' prove their competence; one might almost consider them somewhat "prog-ish" in approach here. the technical proficiency is not spectacular anywhere, nor is the singing (james earl jones style narration and some black metal screeches) but rather it is clear, clean and professional. a fine album overall...Silvrcrank

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