Monday, June 18, 2007

TIGERTAILZ : (2005) Bezerk

This album has absolutely some of the best glam rock/hair metal you will ever come across, it's a shame it was released in 1990 when that era in music was starting to die. These guys can rock with the best of that era; Motley Crue, Ratt and Poison being the most similar. Sorry to Bret and the boys, but these guys do Poison better than Poison.
If you like big guitars, big choruses and songs with hooks that will stay with you for days then buy this CD. From the opening of Sick Sex you know this album won't have any deep meaning or require alot of thought, just turn up the volume, sing along and rock. Some highlights include: Love Bomb Baby(perfect for radio or MTV), Noise Level Critical, Love Overload, Twist And Shake and Heaven(the obligatory ballad- and not a bad one).
It's too bad these guys weren't around 5 years earlier, I think they could have been big. If you are a fan of "Hair Metal/Glam Rock", definitely check this out. The songs simply rock and you can just have some fun listening to a great Beandog, Clinton IA

1. Sick Sex
2. Love Bomp baby
3. I can Fight Dirty Too
4. Noise Level Critical
5. Heaven
6. Love Overload
7. Action City
8. Twist and Shake
9. Squeeze It Dirty
10. Call of the Wild

D-load album :-)
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