Friday, June 29, 2007

DREAMS OF SANITY: (2000) The Game

I can't believe that I didn't know this band until last year! Me! That I claim to be have a worthy knowledge of the metal scene. Shame on me! So, how did I finally knew this band? A friend of mine brought to my house a mix CD-R of some of the best songs of his metal collection. In this Cd was 'The Beginning That Lies' by Dreams Of Sanity (included in this album). When I heard this song I was hypnotized, paralyzed, numb... What is this???? This is great! Long history short, I said to myself "I have to own this Cd"
So here we are, me reviewing this piece of art, 3 years after the official release, better late than never! For those unfamiliar with this band, let me enlighten you, Dreams Of sanity are playing Gothic Metal with a lot of symphonic arrangement and an overall progressive feel. The album is a concept album based on the life of one person ("the creature"), and all the struggles and bad moments he has to go through, but is also about the good moments, full of joy and love. Strange concept if you ask me, but it blends perfectly with the music.
The strong part of the album are the beautiful vocals of Sandra Schleret, they're simply great, she can express so much with her melodic and emotional voice! simply stunning, I can hardly find words to describe the voice of Sandra. The album starts with a short intro, a little peak of what's coming inside, right next is 'The Creature You Came To See' a great song, but it's only 2 minutes long... What's going on here? We want songs! Not previews... (although those are some great previews).
Thank god, someone heard my prayers, next in line is 'Time To Set The Stones' the first "real song" (more than 3 minutes). This song is great, great melodies, and a kickin' ass guitar solo. It also have a nice piano near the end. Now... Song number 4. 'The Beginning That Lies', killer track! Starts with keyboards, then the guitar enters, on top of that Sandra starts singing, really low at first, then explodes into a progressive gothic metal masterpiece!I could continue describing this records song by song as I was doing, but remember, this is a concept album, and it has to be observed as one work, and trust me on this, if you listen this as whole work is more satisfactory. Trust me please and get this one, you don't get to listen such beautiful work of art everyday...Review by Undercraft

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